Physical Distancing with Design

Physical Distancing with Design

Keeping our distance, while remaining together.

As we adapt to new ways of being in shared environments, our proximity to one another needs to change, but how we interact in these spaces remains the same.

Facilitating our new normal in the way in which we collaborate, meet and work through flexible and adaptable product selection is essential. Ultimately these times call for heightened innovation and flexibility. The Stylecraft product collection includes endless options that can be modified and adapted to suit the requirements of now and into the future.

Modular collections utilising screens and table components enable working spaces, lobbies and waiting areas to function while ensuring social interaction is facilitated safely. More than ever, the adaptability of product collections such as Avion by Keith Melbourne, Place by Ross Gardam, Kiik by Arper and Softsape by LEN, ensure connection while remaining safe.

Designated work-points for individual focus and independent productivity are even more essential in these times for the consideration of health and hygiene. Screen-based systems utilising upholstered wall panels, or PET provide a secluded space and separation from colleagues. Adapt by Ross Gardam and Bloom by Keith Melbourne are an example of single-seat modules from our lounge collections can be considered for individual workpoints when utilising fixed or freestanding tables. The independent seating elements are able to be repositioned to suit the needs of the space. Stand-alone screen systems and planters such as Nebula Screens by Tacchini and Botanical Planters by LEN also allow for flexibility and immediate adaptation to the workplace physical distancing requirements.

The traditional workstation for designated employee use stands true in these unique times with the ability to hot desk and move within a space much more limited. Considerations may include staggered workpoints, alternative configurations or adding accessories including screens in fabric, PET or acrylic for safety, privacy and acoustics. Blade and Thinking Quietly table and workstation ranges are both adaptable to cater for these new requirements, while sit-to-stand options, such as Stix by Thinking Works, can also empower employees to create an individual and secure place of productivity.

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Resources for Physical Distancing Options

Stylecraft have created a guide for creating physical distancing in commercial environments, utilising a number of our local and international furniture collections. Click below to view the guide online.

Stylecraft's Guide to Physical Distancing with Design

Our local and international brands have also created resources to assist designers in creating or adapting a number of their modular ranges to suit new requirements for workplace environments. Click the links below to view each guide.

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