Team by name, Team by nature

Team by name, Team by nature

Communication and collaboration is the currency of most companies operating in agile working environments. To better facilitate this Cascando has conceived a flexible and fluid workplace solution based on the concept of ‘Team’ work.

The nature of agile working demands a greater flexibility of function to support fluid working styles. It’s a surprisingly hard combination to achieve when you’re trying to find exactly the right workplace solution that fits a client’s unique criteria. But it’s not impossible.


Cascando set itself the challenge of conceiving a modular seating solution that would address the increasingly blurred paradigms of collaborative working and office environments. Teaming up with Dutch designer Peter van de Water, Cascando conceived the aptly named ‘Team’ system.


Team encompasses a range of modular seating solutions designed to create connective meeting points. It’s also made for those areas where we tend to ‘run in’ to one another: the lobby the lounge, and the open office.


At the very core of the system is a philosophy of versatility and flexibility that ensures numerous options to suit varying design schemes, as well as endless modular combinations to cater to the parameters of space and user behaviour.


The modular system not only aids collaboration between people, each system element has been designed to collaborate with its diverse counterparts. Designers can select from a ‘team’ of components including rotating laptop tables and meeting tables, magazine shelving, sofas, chairs, and loose seating. Together these create a cohesive workplace solution that allows users to do everything from plug and play, right through to gather and workshop.


Accessories like coat stands, plant holders and side tables allow for touches of personality. More importantly they take their cues from residential and hospitality aesthetics, addressing the evolving domestication of the workplace. “When designing a product, I try to achieve intelligent simplicity in terms of form, function and construction,” says van de Wild. This is heightened by Team’s ability to elevate a space or, conversely, blend in.


The beauty of the Team concept is that it works in tandem with designers’ requirements and, ultimately, users’ evolving workplace behaviours.