CUA Melbourne

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CUA Melbourne

Girvan Waugh
Tom Ross Photography

Girvan Waugh were commissioned to design and construct a member’s lounge for Credit Union Australia that reflects CUA’s ethos of focusing on the “small joys”. The space is accessible to all of CUA’s members, employees and partners. The challenge for Girvan Waugh’s strategy and design team was to develop an innovative space that is completely interchangeable with operable walls & movable furniture. Careful consideration was given to ensure that the space – in any configuration – is warm and inviting.

Feature elements include a bespoke eco-fireplace, custom timber joinery, an array of indoor plants and a one-of-a-kind art wall. Pieces such as the Hoshi armchair by Skeehan Studio with a Cosse Side Table by Sipa epitomise the inviting feel of the interior. Stylecraft products also featured in the project include Tailored High Back Armchairs by Ross Gardam, Bloom Freestanding Occasional Tables by Keith Melbourne and T Coffee Chairs by Sipa. Pix ottomans by Arper allow for additional seating as well as a splash of colour to complement the adjacent art wall and indoor plant ceiling installation.

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