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Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers

Woods Bagot
Toby Peet

After 15 years in their office space located in Park Street, Gilbert + Tobin relocated to the new Barangaroo precinct in May, 2016.


Coming from a traditional office space, Woods Bagot were appointed to design a new workplace that allowed for activity based working. Co-founder and managing partner Danny Gilbert saw the shift as an opportunity to showcase the companies vision. “We made a real effort to not make it like battery hens, with people in rows at desks,” says Gilbert. “Now we have a plenitude of space between people, open access to each other, adjustable desks for people to either sit or stand, and plenty of areas for people to go into huddles to discuss things.”


With an office space that is now open plan, the new design platform allows for staff to select different locations to host meetings, work alone or collaborate with team members. Collaborative desk spaces feature the Blade Table by Thinking Works accompanied by the Catifa 46 4-Way Castor Chair by Arper. Breakout zones with an informal café, lounge space, interactive zones and meeting rooms also house Japanese brand, Ritzwell’s Blava Easy Chair, Gher Table by Arper and Mayfair Armchair by Tacchini.


“Such innovative design is a big step for a legal firm, but it’s incredibly progressive and is designed to reinvigorate the way they work, with Danny an incredible strategic thinker.” says Amanda Stanaway from Woods Bagot.

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