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IA Design
Ryan North

IA Design were tasked with implementing an Activity Based Working design for a new office space for Landgate, the government entity responsible for property ownership in Western Australia. With origins as one of the oldest government departments in WA, Landgate were eager to embrace innovation within the design, reflecting the growth and diversification of their core business. Among the first projects in Australia to feature the new ThinkingQuietly workstation by Thinking Works, a back of house working area features two ThinkingQuietly workstations with canopies to facilitate a focused desking option with minimised transmission of noise to surrounding collaborative areas.

As part of the ThinkingQuietly design phase, Thinking Works engaged acoustic engineers to assess the acoustic performance of the ThinkingQuietly four person Workstation within a typical open-plan office. The results of an extensive study into the effectiveness of the range, demonstrate that under most conditions the workstations improve acoustic privacy when compared to traditional workstations in a typical open plan workplace.

Recognising the combination of contemporary design with acoustic performance, ThinkingQuietly by Thinking Works has recently been awarded as the winner in the Product Design category of the 2018 Red Dot Awards.



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