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Bates Smart
Sean Fennessy

Bates Smart ran several workshops with their client, financial service provider Latitude, in order to enhance the design experience of Latitude’s new Melbourne headquarters. The workshops resulted in a request for an activity based style of working. Bates Smart took this into consideration, designing a variety of individual and team settings to suit the demands of a normal working day for a Latitude employee.

The simple, warm palette is epitomised by the gold tone of the upholstery chosen for the Bloom High Back Circlet by Keith Melbourne. An optional accessory of a rear table to the Bloom circlet provides an additional and flexible work space. A standing height Blade table by Thinking Works with complementary Ora pendants by Ross Gardam in a matt black finish, provides an ideal scenario for a focused work space or impromptu meeting. Bates Smart’s design has paved the way for Latitude to adopt their new activity based working manner effortlessly by empowering teams and giving staff the freedom to choose where and how they work.

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