The Third Space

Project name

The Third Space

Girvan Waugh

The Third Space is a unique co-working hub situated in Mirvac’s Broadway shopping centre in Sydney, tabling retail environments as an option in discussion surrounding the future of workplace. After conducting customer research, Mirvac’s innovation team discovered that the modern worker wants to work from a place that isn’t the office or home but is “three minutes to everything”. By being situated in a shopping centre, the Third Space ensures users maximise productivity in a normal working day due to the proximity to an array of retail outlets, supermarkets, services and restaurants.

In a design by Girvan Waugh, the 100m2 pop-up space features a meeting room together with break-out areas and private work pods. ThinkingQuietly workbays by Thinking Works provide a dedicated space for focused work and discussions with acoustic control. In both zig-zag and meeting room configurations, ThinkingQuietly’s PET panels provide acoustic properties as well as an additional surface for The Third Space inspiring quotes and signage. Appealing to agile workers and freelancers, the Third Space’s breakout areas features the Twig bench by Derlot Editions alongside Stylus tables by Stylecraft, providing a location for discussions between colleagues. 

By bringing a fresh perspective to the future of agile working, the Third Space has simultaneously disrupted the notion of a traditional retail environment and further blurred the line between the home and the office.


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