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Karimoku New Standard, a specialised brand of Japan’s premier timber furniture maker, is born from a deep understanding of craftsmanship, bound together with innovative technologies.

Founded by leading Japanese furniture manufacturer Karimoku in 2009, Karimoku New Standard is defined by its fusion of progressive ideas and manufacturing excellence. Bringing together the unique perspectives of Karimoku’s craftsmen and a select group of international designers, the brand presents new standards in Japanese furniture design.

Collaborating with some of the most promising international design talents such as Scholten & Baijings, Big-Game and Sylvain Willenz, Karimoku New Standard’s collection features innovative, joyful and functional furniture and objects.

KNS’ product collection utilises solid Japanese hardwoods such as Maple, Chestnut and Oak, sourced from low-diameter trees that previously would have been used for the likes of paper pulp.

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