Celebrating Seven Decades of Stylecraft


Celebrating Seven Decades of Stylecraft

As we continue to celebrate our 70th year, we reflect on the longevity of our brand and the relationships we have developed over the past seven decades, which have been key to our success. “The vast majority of our partnerships have been for significant periods of time, both locally and internationally.” – Anthony Collins, Managing Director.

With a diverse range of furniture and lighting brands from across the globe, we are proud of our long-standing and exclusive partnerships with the likes of Arper, Tacchini, Verzelloni and Akaba. Locally, our commitment to Australian designers and manufacturers has been an integral part of the business since our inception in 1953. “Our work with local designers and manufacturers is one of the most important contributing factors to Stylecraft’s success over the years.” – Anthony Collins.

“Stylecraft is all about great people and connections, and this is what I think of most when reminiscing over the past decade. Stylecraft’s support of locally made products and commitment to sustainable process aligns perfectly with my own practice, which is ever so important.” – Ross Gardam

Australian designer Ross Gardam first partnered with Stylecraft in 2011 and has since shared a commitment to creating objects that are locally made, authentic in their design and responsible in their approach to sustainability. The longevity of the relationship between Stylecraft and Ross reflects the strength of the relationship between both brands.

“Stylecraft’s dedication transcends beyond mere representation. Their passion for maintaining the highest quality, nurturing talent and bringing innovation is incredible. In a world where so much is fleeting, their unwavering focus on people and projects they genuinely believe in is a testament to their character.” – Helen Kontouris

Australian furniture company LEN by Helen Kontouris was first introduced to Stylecraft in 2012. Similarly to Ross, Helen shares the same passion for genuine authentic designs and values the long-standing relationship she has developed with Stylecraft over the last decade.

To work with, and represent brands such as LEN and Ross Gardam is what Stylecraft is all about. 70 years of business is not just about beautiful furniture and lighting, it is about the people behind our brand who have helped us reach this special milestone.

“Our love for the design industry and good design is eternal. We value our people and our partnerships above all else, and by continuing to focus on this, I feel confident the best is yet to come.” – Anthony Collins

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