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Changi International Airport

Singapore’s Changi International Airport recent renovation to Terminal 2 focuses on an enriched experience for passengers, featuring a range of Arper’s designs to create an inviting and warm environment.

Available exclusively through Stylecraft, Arper’s signature organic shapes are showcased through the Kiik modular lounge, Colina armchair and Pix ottomans, creating a space where travellers find comfort amidst their journey.

The project was inspired by the essence of Singapore, known as the “the green city”, with the concept to establish a gateway that blurred the boundaries between architecture and landscape, providing comfort during transit and a connection to the outside.

Smooth, curved shapes and organic forms, complemented by subdued lighting and minimal screens, enhance the tranquil ambiance. A projection screen displaying sky imagery, reflecting outdoor weather conditions, further elevates the atmosphere for passengers.

Passenger experience is the forefront of the concept, which focuses on utilising elements of nature to provide a pleasant environment for commuters amongst the hustle of travelling. Emphasising natural and artisanal materials combined with a refined colour palette conveying the tones of nature, the concept achieved Singapore’s highest ecological rating, the Green Mark Gold.

The space was designed to limit noise contributing to a serene journey and enhanced comfort not typical to that of an airport. Kiik modular lounges were specified to fulfill the functions of airport seating, whilst bringing a residential sense of warmth to the space through soft padded cushions.

Always referring back to nature, the Pix ottomans were selected for their organic form “resembling pebbles scattered in space, like a Japanese garden strewn with stones” says Basile Boiffils of Boiffils Architecture on how the Pix ottomans offered an excellent solution to the idea of space fluidity.

The renovation also included an extension to increase the capacity and improve building efficiency, featuring the Colina armchair offering a practical seating solution with visual allure that hamonises with the airport concept.

A unity of nature and design, the new Terminal 2 of Changi International Airport offers an inviting space of improved efficiency and an immersive airport experience unlike any other.

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