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Commonplace Studio

Commonplace is the latest addition to the co-working scene in Canberra. Commonplace was birthed from the idea that every business, no matter how small, deserves an office space that is beautiful, affordable and most importantly, inspiring.

The result of a creative collaboration between architectural designer Melina Design Group and Interior Design studio, Studio & You, the space was briefed essentially to be “made cool”.

The pink palette and striking combination of natural textures are perhaps not what you’d expect from a co-working space, however, Commonplace captivates right from entry with a terrazzo-tiled staircase. Bathed in natural light, the space contains all the practical essentials of meeting areas, workstations and areas for private focus. A highlight in the space are the arch shaped booths with velvet pink seating and a feature Polar wall light, designed by Ross Gardam.

Also specified in the project are Blade workstations and Cila chairs by Arper, both aiding in functionality and offering sophisticated elegance. The tonal nature of the space ensures a co-working space that combines both the ability to calm and to inspire.

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