Earl Carter


Briefed with the task of encapsulating an inviting post-pandemic workspace, designer Hassell has transformed Melbourne’s original 1980s Yarra Falls Spinning Mills for IT company Computershare.


“As the global headquarters of Computershare, there is a strong emotional connection to the site and we honed in on the company’s aim to reconnect with this by creating an amazing place that their people want to be in, loving coming to and working in.” – Evodia Alaterou, Workplace Design Strategy Leader and Principal, Hassell.

The design firm challenged the traditional workplace model of two thirds of space being used for individual work, to instead formulate a model where two thirds of the workplace is designated to collaboration and social connection.

With a nod to the original heritage of the space, a central 14-metre bridge has been reimagined by Hassell, acting as a connection between the social heart, and the open space working areas of the building.


The social heart of the building is both enticing and calming for its inhabitants. Tom Skeehan’s Japanese-inspired Hoshi armchair reflects this perfectly with elements of soft timber and fabric.

The versatile Artemide Tolomeo wall lamp designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in 1986, helps to create sectional drop-in collaborative areas within the space.

Both Stylecraft’s Met low and Met barstools perfectly complement the modern brief. The stools were selected to encourage collaboration and adaptability, whilst also adhering to the peaceful and inviting aesthetic of the space.

Surrounding the picturesque Melbourne parklands, Hassell have further incorporated flexible stations in their open plan outdoor space, furnished in Stylecraft’s Umomoku chairs by Prostoria.

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