Gray Puksand
Cieran Murphy


Deswik is a global software engineering company focused on delivering innovative technical solutions for the mining industry.

The company’s relocation to a new Brisbane CBD site saw Gray Puksand engaged to work on a three level, 2860sqm workspace that reflected that innovation and enhanced collaboration. Historically, Deswik’s teams worked very independently and this move was seen as an opportunity to reimagine how workplace design could better enhance flexibility and collaboration across the business.

High energy, collaborative areas are clustered to activate connection, and encourage vertical movement through the workplace. Supplementary informal meeting and breakout settings create opportunities for ‘bump and spark’ moments while team sprint spaces, short stand up zones and intimate team collaboration pods provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and idea generation.

This zone has been treated with more visual stimulation than the focused work zones to offer queues for interaction and collaboration. Product specified throughout the space, including the Adapt range by Australian brand Ross Gardam, ensure the ethos of the design is carried through the new workplace environment.

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